Mobile Homes For Beginners by Tara S.

Mobile Homes For Beginners

Mobile Homes For Beginners is EVERYTHING you need to find your first mobile home deal! Learn how to find them, how to talk to park managers, and how I make money with them!

What's Inside..

Mobile Homes For Beginners is EVERYTHING you need to find your first mobile home deal! My mobile home investing journey has been an experience! I've met a ton of people and learned A LOT about manufactured/mobile homes in the process. In this guide, I break down what I know about finding homes and parks, how I build my relationships in the industry, and everything in between! 

Here's what's inside:

- History of mobile homes
- Mobile home vs manufactured home vs trailer?
- The resources I use to find my deals
- Taxes: real property vs personal property
- Why it's important to network and build relationships
- The different ways you can make MONEY with mobile homes
- **NEW...Mobile Home scripts for talking to sellers AND park managers!


"Courtesy of 
 I copped a mobile home for 3k, great condition. park rent is $260 a month and I've got potential tenants lined up to rent for $800"
- Jay
"Hi Tara, thank you so much for creating this guide for us. I've read the guide a few times and I feel that is a great resource for an introduction to the basics of mobile home investing. I plan to use this as a foundation for what I should research more in depth."
- Quaneice
"The Mobile home beginners guide was very useful. It gave me more insight on doing the correct  research & finding the right MH to buy. Thank you."
- Chaun


How many people live in manufactured/mobile homes in the US?

Over 20 MILLION people in America live in manufactured/mobile homes!

Are mobile homes expensive?

That all depend on what YOU define as "expensive". 
TRUTH: manufactured/mobile homes are cheaper than your traditional single family home.

How fast can I close?

Compared to traditional single family homes, the buying process is a little bit easier when it comes to mobile homes. You can even close in a day in a lot of cases!

How can I get started investing in manufactured/mobile homes?

Buy purchasing this guide of course! Inside I will teach you everything that I learned started out in the game.

What's included?

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Here's What You Get

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